BlackSword Research

Specialized agency created for doing specific precise researches of financial cyber crime and related malicious activity.

Our mission is to help e-commerce related or other innovative firms with financial risks mitigation or unfair competition acts. We don’t normally do virus or botnets research, what we do is that we research money flows behind any given incident.
Therefore we are capable to protect your team and project against malicious activity and provide you with outspoken level of reputation and comfort. Rarely we issue reports based on our researches to the community and media.

About us

BlackSword Research was created by a team of some of world’s best and very known professionals in the industry of forensics and e-crime research specifically trained for complex investigations.

On contrary to traditional cyber-crime research companies involved in the tech side of any given research, our primary focus is financial transaction research, based on the «follow the money» principle. We do not investigate viruses or botnets, we investigate where the money flows instead.
Some of the principal founders of the firm are graduates from Stanford University, USA and Moscow State University, Russia and were employed for decades in law enforcement and other agencies across the globe. Our team boasts a second to none network of confidential sources for the information in the e-commerce and finance communities all over the world which allows us to perform deep researches in the transaction-based world.
Simply speaking our outreach to the research and investigative communities is second to none.

How we do it

Every cyber-crime incident leaves traces in the financial community. Cyber-criminals use banks and financial operators to cash out their illegal funds. We have developed a set of specific second to none software solutions which allows us to mathematically or logically research data which is difficult to research otherwise. For instance to extrapolate single card issuer transactions using its known market share penetration public information to calculate an exact sales volume of any given e-commerce project.

We also use special software and protocols which we have created for communications and team operations that allow us to swiftly operate a large confidential sources network capable of both maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the team and simultaneously act very fast.
We rely a lot on outsourcing certain work to independent professionals which work alongside with the main team, for example we outsource scientific economic researches, legal advisory services and PR activity. This way the result of our investigations is always a complete product based on serious economic add ons , legal overviews and professionally delivered to media but at the same time our legal, economic and PR teams have no access to our network of confidential sources or special software which we use.

Quite often we choose to remain in shadows to protect our integrity and safety of our sources.

Contact us

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